Who We Are

Creating a culture of continued improvement.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to establish Academies using education and cycling as catalysts to uplift and academically transform historically disadvantaged youngsters and communities…

  • Combine Education & Cycling
  • Identify, Educate & Coach Young Talent
  • Focus on Common Value Set & Leadership/Life Skills
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle… Nutrition & Exercise
  • Produce More Employable Graduates

Our mission

To build a facility in the Kwanokathula community that provides students with the following:

  • After School Academic Program focused on:

           –  Homework and Project assistance

           –  On-line Maths and English tuition

  • Access to computers/internet
  • Career counseling and Access to Scholarships, to produce employable graduates
  • Cycling coaching program to promote a healthy lifestyle for the youth

Our Values & Behavior

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

1. Integrity

Honest, Trustworthy

2. Accountability

Responsible for actions, High ”Say-Do” ratio

3. Respect

Yourself & Others, Protect the environment

4. Commitment

Dedication, Follow through, Consistent  

Measures of Success

At KWANO we aim to help the youth become the best that they can be, by creating a positive and healthy environment where they are encouraged to go the extra mile in their academics and community.

In order to understand improvement we have to measure the success rate with the standards below:

  • Participation in the program… Number of graduates, low drop-out rate
  •  Improved Academic results
  •  Employment success rate after Academy
  •  Positive role models in the Community

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