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The student’s stories and where they are now.

Isaac Gumede (Tumi)

I joined the Academy in 2014 and finished high school in 2015

When I left school I joined Plett Law Enforcement as a trainee. Since then I have had several promotions and am now a Senior Clerk in the Vehicle Registration department at the Bitou Council

The academy changed my life totally. I was introduced to many new things… a healthy lifestyle, cycling, natural beauty of the Garden Route and many new people. The academy also prepared me to be successful… not just cycling, but self discipline, respect, value of hard work, teamwork. I am the person that I am because of the teachings and training from the Academy and am so grateful to the founders who were there to make it happen. I salute you and  will never forget how you opened our eyes to a brighter future and showed us that nothing is impossible if you work hard.

My favourite memories were the Saturday rides with the Club 100 and when we washed our bikes and the guys shared jokes and just had fun… seeing all the smiles says a lot about academy. 

Siya Sonanzi

Joined the Academy in 2014 and completed Grade 12 in 2015.

I am now in my 3rd year at Cape Peninsular University of Technology. The Academy made me more successful by keeping me away from bad things that were happening in Kwano. It guided me to choose smart friends who helped me to pass Grade 12.

The Academy also helped me plan my studies every week.

My favourite memories of the Academy were the races at the end of training… last finisher had to wash their bike last. Also the first time I conquered Buffelsnek climb!

Anelise Aries

Anelisa joined the Academy in 2014 and completed Grade 12 at Murray High School in 2016 with a University pass.

He is currently completing an apprenticeship to become a qualified Electrician.

Aries says…

“The academy is like family to me. It gave me the chance to experience many things for the first time (eg. W2W) and I would not be where I am now without the Academy. I loved the weekend activities with KCA members and Club 100”

Lilitha Bongoza

I finished 12th Grade in 2017 and am now studying for a National Diploma in Information Technology at Nelson Mandela University

The Academy means a lot and I’m glad to have joined.

It changed my life in an incredible way because I got help when I needed it regarding my university life and funding for my studies, I got to be active and discovered how much I enjoy cycling.

Yes it did, and I’m grateful to have met all the people in the Academy. 

My favourite memory is when all of the Academy went to Ingwe for Leadership and Team Building. We played games to teach us teamwork. I also got the opportunity to interact with most of the members and met new people.


Masixole Zondani

Maso joined Kwano in 2015 completed Grade 12 at Murray HS in 2018 with a University pass.

He is currently working for the Casalinga Restaurant group in Johannesburg and plans to start studying Law at UNISA in June.

“Kwano has given me the opportunity to achieve success in cycling and education, and my life as a whole. Thanks for preparing me for this journey. Balancing school work and cycling is difficult, but achievable with support from the Academy. Remember… If I can do it so can you.

Learn Hard and Ride Fast!”

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