Who We Are

Creating a culture of continued improvement.

Our History

Where we started our journey.

Kwano Founded

4th January 2014

Kwano Founded

Kwano was set up and a partnership was established with Murray High School

First 10 students

4th January 2014

Kwano recruited their first 10 students… signalling the start of something great.

Equine Librium farm

6th January 2014

The program was based off-site at Equine Librium farm, which is located outside of the town.

Kwano registered as a Charity

6th January 2014

KCA was registered as a charity… with a Board of Trustees.

Attended Local Races

1st February 2014

Attended Local Races

Tsitsikama MTB Challenge Knysna Festival Tour de Plett

Kwano reaches 15 students

1st April 2015

Kwano expanded to 15 students, based on increased capacity.

First Multi-Stage Race

1st April 2015

KCA sent the team to a 3 day Sani2C Race…where they placed 60th out of 600 teams.

National and Local races

1st April 2015

Sent teams to several local and national races (E.g Kingfisher, Knysna Festival, Tsitsikamma Challenge etc)

Relocated base

1st January 2016

Re-located to Cairnbrogie Dairy Farm.  

Partnership with Specialized

3rd September 2016

Kwano established their partnership with Specialized.  

Sipho Mthembu joins Kwano

7th November 2016

Sipho Mthembu joins Kwano

Sipho Mthembu was recruited as Cycling Leader.

Established a new base at the High School.

7th January 2017

Established a new base at the High School.

Established a Kwano Base at the High School in Kwanokathula.  

Expanded to 20 students

23rd January 2017

Kwano expanded to 20 students.

32 Students…

1st March 2017

The charity expanded to 32 students… including their first female students.  

First Female Students

1st March 2017

First Female Students

Local and National Races.

6th June 2017

Local and National Races.

Kwano sent their teams to several local and national races (Eg. Karoo2Coast, Wines2Whales, Origin of Trails etc)  

Placed 3rd out of 14 schools

13th June 2017

Kwanos teams placed 3rd out of 14 school in the Spur Series.  

Sabrina MTB Race

30th June 2017

First podium in Open event… 2nd at Sabrina MTB race

Hotchillee “Rider Development Summit”

20th November 2017

They attended Hotchillee “Rider Development Summit”.  

Wattbike donation

2nd December 2017

Wattbike donation

Kwano was donated Wattbikes so the boys could train.

Expanded the amount of girls

15th January 2018

Expanded the girls program

Major Beneficiary

1st May 2018

Buffalo Foundation select KCA as major beneficiary

Recruited Trevor Snyman as the Educational Leader

7th July 2018

Kwano recruited Trevor Snyman as the Education Leader

After School Academic Program

9th July 2018

The charity launched the After School Academic Program.

York Enduro

4th August 2018

The Kwano team was invited to participate in 4 day York Enduro. The team placed 9th out of 20 strong semi-pro teams. Siphe finished 5th in individual

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