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Imagine a world without the thought leadership of Einstein, Mandela or Musk. Imagine if someone living in poverty– in the ‘developing’ or ‘developed’ world – might have the same impact, but just didn’t have the opportunity to make a difference.

The Buffalo Foundation aims to make a lasting difference to those people less fortunate than ourselves through sport, education and the creation of future entrepreneurs. Especially children and young adults living in poverty.  Young people denied the opportunities to become the best they can be, or even to just live a normal, healthy and happy life.

The Buffalo Foundation aims to reach as many of these people as possible, so that they can break that cycle of poverty, reach their potential, be self-sufficient and in turn, give back to their own communities.


True digital transformation.
We unearth your technology components, uncover the real user needs, tease out your most aspirational goals – and then apply strategic gameplay to determine the most sophisticated mix of technologies that will get you there. We do this faster and more effectively than anyone else because of our unique Rainmaker way. 


To be the leading Pan African timber product and solutions providers, offering a fully integrated one-stop-shop through access to a range of high yielding certified forests throughout Africa and excellent insights, notwithstanding a well-reputed brand, a quality team of industry professionals with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.


Freddy Schroeders

Retired Business Executive

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