Help youngsters to play a

positive role in society


Using cycling as the catalyst to uplift and transform this

historically disadvantaged community and its young people


Giving opportunity where before there were none

Measures of Success

At KWANO we aim to help the youth become the best that they can be, by creating a positive and healthy environment where they are encouraged to go the extra mile in their academics and community. In order to understand improvement we have to measure the success rate with the below standards:
  • Participation in the program… Number of graduates, low drop-out rate
  •  Improved Academic results
  •  Employment success rate after Academy
  •  Positive role models in the Community

See How You Can Make a Difference

There are a few ways we can all make a difference and help support the cause.

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Amazing Results… Lots of Hidden Talent!!
Several students continued to University

Engineering | Business | Library Studies

Knysna Oyster Festival… 13 Riders

80km – Siphe finished 44th in “Full Pro” event

Origin of Trails – 5 Riders sponsored by MTO Group

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Consistent Financial Support Essential for Success

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